This past π day, I reflected on the other mathematical-ish occurrences that I idly observe. For instance, I often find myself noticing prime number values I come across, like those hidden in prices, ages, or dates. I recalled seeing this Tweet about a beautiful visualization of the prime factors of the first 100 whole numbers made and designed by Sondra Eklund.

A postcard of a figure created by Sondra Eklund depicting the prime factorizations of the first 100 integers. [Image courtesy of Steven Strogatz and Sondra Eklund via Twitter.]

The visualization illustrates every number with a square box, with every box corresponding to a prime number entirely filled in with a unique color. Within non-prime number boxes, colored rectangular slices of its prime factors are neatly fitted, encompassing…

Athula Pudhiyidath

I’m a data scientist with neuroscientific roots. Learn more about me here:

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